"If you don't take a risk, you only have a dream!"

David Escobedo and Brian Schafer, of D.A.E. Originals, are unique individuals. David has been designing, sewing and making dolls since he was six. Brian has a very creative mind and is always coming up with ideas. In 1992 the guys started dressing Barbie, usually creating one-of-a-kind artist dolls. Collectors were so enthusiastic that the guys decided to make it a full time operation. On February 4, 1995, D.A.E. Originals was officially licensed. They spent several years touring the countries doll show circuits offering their items, followed by their internet site. By 1997, the Barbie world suffered what here in the US was called the dreaded "Pink Scare." This forced D.A.E. Originals to find a new outlet for their creative fashions.

They headed into the Gene doll market and dressed her in vintage fashions, one-of-a-kinds and limited editions. The demand for their fashions exceeded production and they could never meet the demands of their collectors. The guys had wanted to develop their own fashion doll from the very beginning. When Vivian came into play in 1994, it took over 8 years of trial and error before they got what they wanted. By 2002, they had debuted their first collection. In 2005, Vivian had a much needed re-sculpt and the introduction of Monty expanded the Miniquin family.

D.A.E. Originals is strictly a two man operation. David and Brian are the owners and they do all of the work themselves. They design everything in studio -- from fashions, shoes, jewelry, hair, patterns, face paints, stands, to boxes, orders, shipping, etc. You name it, the two of them do it all.

David and Brian feel blessed that they can contribute to the world of doll collecting. They are grateful for and wish to thank all you collectors. This is a dream come true for them. It shows that you should never give up on your dreams -- someday they will come true.