Q. What kind of material are the dolls made from?

A. The new upcoming multi articulated Vivian and Monty dolls will be made from a new eco-friendly hi-impact polyurethane resin. The pre 2008 Vivian and Monty dolls are made of a special hard vinyl we created called "Velvet Touch Vinyl." It feels like velvet, looks like composition-fiberglass (which real mannequins are made of) and is specially designed to give the dolls weight. Most dolls heads are made of hard vinyl which allows them to be rooted with hair. The vinyl also has give which makes it easy to get cuffs of a jacket on by simply squeezing the fingers together.

Q. What method of creating a face and all over body blushing is used?

A. All our dolls are individually painted by hand so no two are alike. On average a face paint requires 14 different colors using several painting techniques. An airbrush tool is then used to create face blush and body blush. We use several colors to give more detail and depth on each doll.

Q. Will the paint rub or come off?

A. The paint used is a special formulated paint that adheres to vinyl. Once it's dry it will not come off unless it comes in contact with acetone (nail polish remover).

Q. Do the dolls body stain?

A. Unfortunately there are no vinyl , plastics or resins that are stain resistant. We do however use some designing techniques on the fashions to help prevent staining. We use white linings in all our fashions, line the gloves when it comes to the darker fabrics. A solution of vinegar and water will help set the color into certain fabrics and threads especially on gloves and dark lingerie or underwear.

Q. Do the fashions for Vivian and Monty fit other fashion dolls their size and vice versus?

A. Each doll on the market has a particular body shape. We design all our fashions to fit the contours for our dolls, so a fashion could end up being loose or tight if put on another doll. If one of our fashions is too large on another doll simply use tissue paper (Kleenex) to create small pads to fill the areas where the fashion is to large.

Q. Are the dolls articulated?

A. The new upcoming Vivian and Monty have 16 points of articulation in each doll. The pre 2008 Vivian and Monty dolls have what is called a "Ball and Socket" joint system. They have minor articulation at the neck, shoulders and hip sockets. Adding further articulation would disrupt the hand sculpted artistic flow of the entire doll and would take away from the "Miniquin Story."

Q. How are the dolls put together?

A. The dolls are strung together which comes in useful when you are trying on a tight fitted jacket.

Q. Can a hair style be changed?

A. The new upcoming multi articulated Vivian and Monty dolls will feature wigs and a new revolutionary hair system. Most of the pre 2008 Vivian and Monty dolls, depending on the type of hair style required, can have their hair taken down and restyled. We use a high quality saran hair filament which is actually hollow, though to the naked eye you would not be able to see it. We recommend not to soak the hair since the dolls have flocked scalps.

Q. What is a "Telescope Stand" and why does it differ from other saddle stands?

A. We created the telescope stand after watching so many of our own personal collection of dolls tumble at the slightest touch. To help reduce this problem we simply used one hollow rod which is in the base and a solid rod which is set inside the hollow tube. The solid rod is slightly curved at a certain point to create "friction" inside the hollow tube. If the top of your stand keeps falling down simply pull it out and slightly bend the solid rod and insert. UPDATE: We have developed a new enhanced telescope stand that will be available with the new 2011 Vivian and Monty dolls. It will also be available as a separate accessory.

Q. Do you offer suggestions, i.e. designs, ideas, etc?

A. Although we appreciate suggestions, our policy does not allow us to accept for review or consideration any ideas or suggestions not specifically solicited by our subsidiaries or us. Our intention is to avoid misunderstandings when projects are created internally which might be similar to submissions made to us from outside D.A.E. Originals. We recognize that this policy is sometimes a disappointing one especially to a collector, with all the best intentions, who would simply like us to consider their own suggestion. Experience has taught us, though, that if we abandon our policy for one person, we will soon have no policy at all. Therefore, as required, we will not retain any copies of any suggestions. We hope that this policy explains this decision.