Grand Marnier
MIB Grand Marnier Vivian Doll Only
2004 marked D.A.E. Originals 10th Anniversary and to celebrate the occasion the first dressed Vivian doll called "Grand Marnier" was offered.

Circa 1948, Vivian is created from a translucent resin while her head is poured from hard vinyl and rooted with platinum saran hair. She was poured from the first original Vivian molds that went into retirement with this LE Grand Marnier production run. Each doll was hand crafted so each one has her own unique characteristics.

   *1 - Original Resin with Vinyl Head Vivian Doll
   *1 - Lingerie Set - Bra, Girdle with Garters, Panties & Stockings
   *1 - Original Black Kaiser Stand
   *1 - Original Box & Re-Shipper

*Items, shown in photo(s), not listed above are NOT included.


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